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The School of Management, Zhejiang University, is a major academic base where a variety of managerial personnel of higher level are trained. It offers 3 provincial key disciplines, 3 postdoctoral programs of level-1 disciplines, 3 doctoral degree programs of level-1 disciplines, 9 master’s degree programs, MBA and EMBA degree programs, a master’s degree program in engineering, a master’s degree program in agriculture promotion, and 11 undergraduate programs. In addition, the school has co-built with other schools another 5 master’s degree programs and an MPA degree program. There are 157 qualified and competent faculty members in the school, of whom 34 are professors, 20 are supervisors in Ph.D. programs, 62 are associate professors, and 25 are postdoctoral researchers. More than 63% of the faculty have earned a Ph.D. degree or are still working toward one. The school has 3754 students. Among them there are 370 doctoral candidates, 629 graduate students, 1011 MBA students, 220 EMBA students, 234 ME students, and 1290 full-time undergraduate students. The school is located in a computerized office building on Zijingang Campus, which is equipped with various modern teaching facilities such as the teaching and experiment labs, book information center, and perfect systems for teaching, doing scientific research and providing services.

The school consists of 5 departments, namely, the Department of Management Science and Engineering, the Department of Enterprise Management, the Department of Accounting and Financial Management, the Department of Tourism Management, and the Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, and 9 research centers: the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, the Center for Technological Innovation and Industrial Development, the Center for Human Resources and Strategic Management, the Center for Innovation and Development, the Center for Real Estate Research, the Center for Civilian Economy and Administration, the Center for Capital Market and Accounting, the Center for Enterprise Growth, and the Center for Global Entrepreneurship in addition to 12 research institutes. The school’s Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management started in 1987 has become a national key academic journal. At present, the school is focusing on the construction of two bases: “The National Innovation Base for the Research on Rural Development in China”, “The National Innovation Base for the Research on Innovation Management and Sustainable Competitiveness”.

The school has established wide academic exchanges and cooperative relationships with international partners. It has established and put into operation an International Executive Development Center with Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which provides degree-awarding programs and in-house training programs for enterprises. The school has successively selected a number of undergraduate and graduate students and sent them as exchange students to foreign universities, including ESCEM Business School in France, Lund University in Sweden, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, National University of Singapore, and Stanford University in USA, which has helped to enhance both the teaching and research.

The school has made great achievements in scientific research. Since 2000, the school has undertaken over 80 research projects of national level, including those projects of key program and general program sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Foundation of China, and the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Besides, it has undertaken more than 500 research projects sponsored by enterprises around the country. Research funds received by the school have totaled 52 million Yuan. Over 50 research results have been awarded prizes by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, or the provincial or municipal governments. More than 2000 research papers, about 200 academic books and textbooks have been published. With the completion of the National “211 Project” and the work in the second phase of the National “985 Project”, the School of Management is making headway toward a management school that is in the lead in China, first-rate in Asia and well-known in the world.

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