【招聘信息】Qunie consulting

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  About Qunie consulting

Ø  One of group companies of NTT data which is 7th largest system integrator in the world (2017)

Ø  Japanese government owned 30% capital

Ø  500 consultants in Japan

Ø  Business strategy and process consulting: 70%, IT consulting: 30%

Ø  Automotive, High Tech, Heavy Industry, CPG is major target in Japan.

²  Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Panasonic, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Coca cola and so on

Ø  Expanding it’s business outside Japan, especially South East Asia from 5 years ago with knowledge and experience that we learned with Japanese companies as above

Ø  Launching it’s business in China with some partners in 常熟、烟台、武汉

²  Three Japanese and two Chinse consultants assigned (as of October, 2017)

²  Major target is Chinse domestic companies in manufacturing industries

²  Major consulting area is “Productivity improvement” “Sales enforcement” and “Talent management” which has strong demand from Chinese companies

²  In order to expand consulting business in China, we decide to hire young Chinese who has passion to launching new business in consulting industry


Ø  Consulting

²  Running a project with senior Japanese consultant to Chinse domestic company

²  Location where clients sit is mainly 烟台、常熟、上海

²  Typical consulting project size is two-three member and 3-12 months from feasibility study to achieving target of clients

Ø  Office location

²  TBD (Tentative office is 烟台 and 常熟 where our partners are located)

l  When project starts, consultant usually stay near client’s office

Ø   Language

²  Native Chinese and fluent Japanese or English skill to communicate with senior Japanese consultant

Ø  Salary

²  TBD (same level of market salary)


Ø  Tel:18914980666  Miss.Yan

Ø  E-mail:yann@qunie.comPlease send your resume in English