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Company Visit - Haimi

PUBLISHED:07 Apr 2016  Click:2993

April 7, as part of the course Market Analysis in China, 2015 GEP students visited the Haimi Global E-commerce Company. The whole visit process was divided into office visiting, the introduction from CEO XU Jun of enterprise and self-development, interaction with CEO XU Jun. The students have said that the time of visit was short but very productive.

Students gathered at 7:45 am at the entrance of Xixi Campus, departed from 8:00 am. After about 45 minutes, GEP arrived at the Haimi headquarter. Hangzhou was still chilly in the early spring morning, but it could not stop the enthusiasm of the students to visit. With the staff from Haimi, GEP students visited the company's work environment, reading room, corridor, pantry, office design and decoration reflects the company's openness and user-friendly features. Because it was working time, the students have the opportunity to see the daily work and communicate with employees of various departments, to learn about the multi-angle of this young Internet companies. In the conference, as 1980s young entrepreneurs, XU Jun was always approachable, sincere and without reservation to share, talk, one by one spoke out the secret of the venture, it was very impressive.

After the staff’s attentive explain, the students learned that Haimi, belongs to Hangzhou Duomai Electronic Commerce Limited Company, is specialized in wireless internet overseas shopping. The trading platform is mainly used to solve the docking problem between domestic users and foreign professional buyers, eliminating language, customs, logistics and other barriers to enhance the convenience, timeliness, professionalism. Haimi offers goods sold by mobile clients, registered professional buyers sweep goods with uninterrupted 24-hour, so that foreign products of fashion information can be passed to the home shopping enthusiasts at the first time. Products of platform include multiple categories such as clothing bags, baby products, food, health, home life, skin care and so on.

Through the communication, the students learned that the CEO XU Jun’s dramatic and legendary entrepreneurial experience. XU, born in 1982 at Wenzhou, has a lot of tags: over 100 million dollars value domain name holder; Duomai CPS founder; angel investor of Beibei website, has gotten $ 100 million C round of venture capital. However, XU Jun was entrepreneur from dropped out halfway from university.

During the interaction, the students asked a lot of questions, which impressed me the most was the topics of investment and entrepreneurship. XU said that as investors, different stages have different priorities, angel round focus on the leader and the team, A round looks at the product, B round likes to see the data, C round wants to see revenue, D round have to see the profits. XU said that the entrepreneurs should shift attention from the big platform to the vertical field, choose a small and specialized, small but beautiful project, then the chances of success will be bigger. In the entrepreneurial process, XU believes that entrepreneur should control the risk in the first place, as Chinese old saying goes, ‘so long as green hill remain, there will never be a shortage of firewood’, which means that ‘while there is life, there is hope’, At the same time do something you are interested in, because the interest is the best teacher, interest can stimulate creativity and boundless enthusiasm. Finally, just do it. Through this practice of extra-curricular activities, GEP students had a deeper understanding of China's Internet companies, and had a new viewpoint of their future career planning and entrepreneurship. Big thanks to XU and his team’s hospitality, but also special thanks to MBA center and teacher JI Chen for organizing such good business and learning activity to expand our horizons, let us have the opportunity to combine theory and practice.

(GEP 2015 XIONG Shuyun)

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