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Opening Ceremony of ZJU Semester GEP 2015

PUBLISHED:25 Jan 2016  Click:2460

The opening ceremony of GEP 2015 in China was held on Xixi Campus on January 12, 2016. The attendants included Prof. Wu Xiaobo, Dean, School of Management, Prof. Ling Chen, Associate Dean, School of Management, and 61 students from 22 countries. The opening ceremony was hosted by Associate Prof, Mark Greeven, Director of GEP Program.

Before the opening ceremony, some GEP candidates talked about their expectations of China Module, such as language study, better understanding of Chinese market and visit Alibaba.

On the ceremony, Associate Prof, Mark Greeven warmly welcomed all the GEPers on behalf of School of Management and introduced all the professors of the program.

Then, Professor Wu briefly introduced Hangzhou’s culture and market environment. He also expressed his wishes and expectations to all the students. Professor Ling Chen introduced Zhejiang University’s history and development.

The next part was experience sharing with Mr. Rongjun Liu, from GEP 2011 and Mr. Sebastian Martin, from GEP 2010. They briefly reviewed the time spent in GEP and introduced their companies. Mr. Rongjun Liu’s speech made a lasting impression for everyone.

In the last part, all professors and students from Emlyon Business School, Zhejiang University and Purdue University took a group photo to memorize this special moment.

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