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Starting New Life in France

PUBLISHED:26 Sep 2014  Click:1984

I have been in Lyon for several weeks. I am deeply impressed by the beautiful environment of blue sky, fresh air and soft wind here. Yes! My new life in France started here.

These days, we have been immersed in English speaking, listening, and thinking everywhere. It is totally new experience for me, a challenge as well.

I quite like the teaching style here in class, which is different from what in China. There are a lot of teamwork and discussions during the lecture. Just enjoy yourself in it.

Besides the classes, we also have a lot of chances to visit companies and entrepreneurs. We have already visited two entrepreneurial companies. Both companies were built up three years ago and just in the phase of starting and growth. One’s business was on funeral services, which offers services on the fortune and welfare. It was said that they were the first company to do this business. And the other was for the barbecue machine.  The competitive advantage is the customization and design.

Our classmates are from different nations. I experienced and enjoyed cultural diversity here. We are young, open, outgoing and energetic. After dinner, they would go to the pub for a beer or to the dancing club. On someone’s birthday, a birthday party would be held to celebrate. We study hard and play hard. It is awesome!

——-by Jie WEI (GEP 2014)

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