The Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP), a unique program offered on three continents. GEP will shape the best business students into entrepreneurial-minded leaders ready to address global business, environmental,and social issues in a global context.

A message from the director

“Welcome to the world of Global Entrepreneurship where we cross borders, innovate and develop globally sustainable and socially relevant enterprises. Our past cohorts of GEP alumni have founded over 15 different companies all over the world. As a truly global program, we follow a unique approach facilitating nascent entrepreneurs. It’s not just teaching and coaching, it’s not just learning from the best entrepreneurs in three continents, it’s also learning by doing.”

——Dr. Mark Greeven, Director Global EntrepreneurshipProgram, China


Combining world class entrepreneurial teaching with understanding of three diverse global markets, the GEP prepares you to recognize and define the changes critical to growing businesses in a competitive market place. The program places great emphasis on the interaction of the theoretical and practical aspects of entrepreneurial management in a global environment. On each continent, you will work on a semester-long consulting project for a local company with students from other countries, reinforcing teamwork on a global level and helping you acquire practical experience in addition to academic knowledge. Through the whole year, you will study, live and work on three different continents with students from all over the world. You will immerse yourself into a cultural experience far beyond pure academic studies. A mixture of case studies, lectures, coaching sessions, group projects, and cultural events ensure a rigorous and complete learning experience.


The GEP is a 12-month program. The program is fully taught in English. The first semester is delivered in France in the fall of the enrollment year, then China in the spring of the next year, ending in summer at USA.

Degree conferred

Students enrolled in the Global Entrepreneurship Program through Zhejiang University will work toward a MBA degree with a concentrationin Global Entrepreneurship.


Zhejiang University School of Management: www.som.zju.edu.cn/en

EMLyon Business School:  www.em-lyon.com

GEP (EMLyon): www.msc-entrepreneurship.com