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Welcome to the world of Global Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the world of Global Entrepreneurship where we cross borders, innovate and develop globally sustainable and socially relevant enterprises. Our past cohorts of GEP alumni have founded over 15 different companies all over the world...

——Dr. Mark Greeven, Director Global Entrepreneurship Program, China


Starting New Life in France

I have been in Lyon for several weeks. I am deeply impressed by the beautiful environment of blue sky, fresh air and soft wind here. Yes! My new life in France started here.

25 Dec 2017 2016级方太创业管理奖学金名单公示
05 Apr 2017 Entrepreneurial Workshop
07 Apr 2016 Company Visit - Haimi
21 Mar 2016 The ZJU Module’s cultural trip of Wuzhen
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Just imagine that u have this dream for more than 10 years and it finally came true, and what's more is you found it is even 10 times better than you have ever imagined how it would be... That's how I feel about the life in GEP;Joining this program, and meeting everyone in my class, could be the best thing ever happen in my life!

Xiaodan Zhang, Class of 2010

The GEP gives me a opportunity: learning the profound history of Europe, enjoying the amzing view of US, realizing different teaching mode, experiencing various culture, exploring characteristic values, enriching technical skills, improving language abilities, broadening horizons... I think the GEP memory will accompany me forever!

Shaojian Wang, Class of 2009

GEP has given me two valuable gifts: a better world and a better myself, I will move ahead with the two gifts and those wonderful memories in this one year.

Qimeng Sun, Class of 2010


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