The Grand Opening of the McGill Club in Shanghai

PublishDate:06 Nov 2018  Click:16015

Nov. 6, 2018 Shanghai-Cocktail Reception and Ribbon-Cutting ceremony of the McGill club in Shanghai were solemnly held. The guests of the ceremony also included the GMSCM admission director Mr. MA Shuqun, Mr. JI Peiwei from GMSCM 2016, Mr. YIN Deqiang from GMSCM2017, Ms. CHEN Xiaomei, Ms. HU Congzhu and Ms. ZHENG Yinxiao from GMSCM2018.

The event was held in KFS Architects Inc. Canada, No.516, Xingfeng Road, Shanghai, which will be a new place for McGill Shanghai alumni’s  meeting, relaxing and cooperating. McGill alumni from Shanghai as well as other cities attended the event that night.

The ceremony was held by Vice-Principal of University Advancement Mr. Marc Weinstein. He welcomed everyone who c