Admission Requirements for Overseas Students

1.Master degree with at least two years work experience, or bachelor degree with at least three years work experience

2.GMAT score  or GRE score (less than 5 years)


GMAT CODE:36P-3P-90 Zhejiang University MBA,Full Time

                       36P-3P-77 Zhejiang University MBA,Part Time

GRE DI:3673 Zhejiang University MBA

3.English proficiency test score: TOEFL or IELTS

4.Undergraduate transcript

5.Pass GMSCM program’s interview

How to Apply

1.Submit the online application form for GMSCM Program

2.Submit the relevant required documents

3.Attend an interview in English for the GMSCM Program

4.Register for the Zhejiang University MBA Program

(Note: GMSCM program candidates must be officially admitted by Zhejiang University MBA Program)

Only the most qualified candidates who complete the above steps will be admitted to the GMSCM Program

Application Documents

1. (Required) Personal Information in English

2.(Required) Hard copies of diploma and testimonial describing your working experience

3. (Required) Hard copies of GMAT/GRE, or IELTS/TOEFL transcripts (before May.31)

4.(Required)Undergraduate transcript  (before May.31)

5.(Required)Hard copies of ID/Passport

6. (Required) Self-introduction, covering career experience, your main achievements at every stage, personal career goals over the next10 years, a description of your contribution and the value you would bring to your classmates (on A4 paper, Font 5).

7. (Required) Two Letters of Recommendation in Chinese or English with the referrer’s business card.

8. (Required) Company description and relevant organization chart with your clear position (on a A4 paper, Font 5).

9.(Optional) If you have your own company, please provide the copies of Business License, Capital Verification or Shareholder Agreement.

10. (Optional) If you have overseas experience, please provide the hard copies of the first page and visa page of your passport with other proof documents (e.g. Certificate for study or proof of company you worked for).

11. (Optional) Please provide the copies of your certificates, if you have awards above prefectural and city level, professional certificates or job titles.