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Shun Li, GMSCM'2014

GMSCM is differentfrom other MBA programs, which features manufacturing and supply chainmanagement. ZJU and Mcgill University made a perfect curriculum for thisprogram, which consists of necessary theory models and abundant case studies,so that students can combine theory and reality together. All the courses arelectured in English, which facilitate students to cultivate internationalhorizon, learn more about the leading edge of this field and build up a broaderstage for students’ career. Meanwhile, the fellow students are all youngtalents from different industries, so communication and sharing with thesefriends is also an incomparable treasure in my life. In one word, it isfantastic to be one of GMSCM2014, I have gained a lot in the past one year!

-- Shun Li, GMSCM'2014

For me, GMSCM means2.5 years of 3-4 times round trip every month between two cities. Even so, I amdeeply attracted by the strict admission requirement and dual degrees. Freefrom kinds of obstacles, and return to ZJU campus. Just as expected, we have world-classprofessors, specialized courses and internationalized assignments. While asunexpected, we are fascinated by every classmates’ excellent quality, for whichwe admire each other. Unite as one, inspire from each other, study together andstay together. We appreciate the fantastic time of GMSCM.

-- Yuye Huang, GMSCM'2014

Yuye Huang, GMSCM'2014

Xiaoguang Jiang, GMSCM’2013

“My studying dream has been realized through the MBA program of Zhejiang University, and the GMSCM program with distinct characteristics gives me a different experience.As a manager of private corporation of manufacturing industry, I was once stuck in the bottleneck of management throught and technical ability, the GMSCM is just customized for me. The business management courses of Zhejiang University, and professional manufacturing courses with top teachers from McGill University really make great significance in broadening my global insight, cultivating my systematic thinking ways, practicing my lean management skills and making friends with teachers and classmates who have same goals. Coming from the North, in spite of 3000,000 meters away from Zhejiang Univesity, I came for further study every two weeks, my continuous motivation and passion result from the unique charm of the GMSCM program, which opens a new page of my life.”

-- Xiaoguang Jiang, GMSCM’2013

“After a period of development, both individuals and enterprises encounter the bottleneck of improving ourselves or the life-and death choice. When one day's striving business is over temporarily, whether should we raise our head and ease our confused eyes to see the world around us and think over our work and life? As for me, one wants to be rooted in the manufacturing industry, the GMSCM program undoubtedly provides a better platform. The courses integrate the strengths of two universities and countries and include the manufacturing and supply chain courses based on the globalization, moreover, they are deeply rooted in local life and give full play to the advantages of emerging markets. The most pleasant thing for me, of course, is to know a group of classmates full of vigor, vitality, passion and we promote each other's work and grow together in class discussion, enterprise visits and life experience here can make my life more meaningful and lead my business to success.”

-- Bin Li, GMSCM’2013

Bin Li, GMSCM’2013

Felipe Arcila, GMSCM'2013

"After being part of Zhejiang MBA and GMSCM joint program for a year,I can say that the currifulum is very well rounded, as the professors and practical knowledge that we need in order to be proficient businessman and managers. I will be able to use the skills I am gaining in many aspects of my career, as the program offers a focused, intense, rewarding and enriching experience, that will make us great industry leaders. Additionanlly, the international networking resources available through both the Zhejiang and McGill alumni community will, in the future, continue to add value to my career. "

-- Felipe Arcila, GMSCM'2013

"On the GMSCM program I was able to understand several aspects on the manufacturing management that I was not aware before. Being a program between two Universities in very distinct environments the insights from both sides in the class discussions really add to the learning process. As a supplier development engineer in China, the program helps me a lot with my work and now I am able to launch projects in a much faster and effective way in China. I am able to understand better the suppliers in China due to our discussions in class and apply tools that we learned in their process. The different cultures and industries that the professors and students come from make the classes very interesting and the learning process very enjoyable."

-- George Manske, GMSCM'2013

George Manske, GMSCM'2013