2018 GMSCM's Opening Ceremony Came to a Successful End

PublishDate:29 Oct 2018  Click:10250

October 13, 2018 Hangzhou - For the 6 consecutive year, GMSCM has seen a trend of increasing not only in students number but also on industry diversity, witnessed by Mathew Ma. On the evening of Oct.13, 2018, 2018 cohort has held their first opening ceremony in U.S. center of Euro-America Finance Tower, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

The whole ceremony was elaborately decorated as a small cocktail party. Ms. MA Jin, the host and also head teacher, welcomed 42 Students from 8 industries. And Prof. SHOU Yongyi, Prof. LI Shanling and Ms. Yulia Nikitina shoot videos respectively, to express their expectations towards the 2.5 years of studies and individual growth from a structured way of thinking. Mr. Matthew Ma warmly praised the variety of the class (ranging from manufacturing, e-commerce, transportation, retails, chemical engineering to governmental affairs). As a class in which population is larger than before, middle to senior management covering 70%+, and 10+ years of working experience in joint ventures and Multi-National corporations, GMSCM 2018 must leverage all the learning resources to enrich their academic career.

42 students introduced their working backgrounds and objectives for this innovative and flexible program. They all hope to develop the essential academic, professional, and personal skills they need for success both in and outside the classroom.  

Then with hot discussion on Block chain, presented and shared by McGill's alumni Thomas Liang, the whole audience felt motivated by the cutting edge theories and its potential applications in supply chain traceability and decentralized network.

It is already late autumn, and the breeze is slightly freezing. In such a memorable evening, let’s start our journey with each other, in the big family of Faculty of Management, with actions to practice, open minds to various ideas and outstanding contributions to the field of manufacturing and supply chain.

(GMSCM 2018 FU Qiushi)