Graduation Ceremony of Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Program 2014 Cohort was Successfully Held

PublishDate:05 Mar 2017  Click:20291

March 5, 2017 Shanghai - The Graduation Ceremony of 2014 cohort of Global Manufacture and Supply Chain Management (GMSCM) program was held in Shanghai Hilton hotel. 26 graduates of the program took part in the graduation ceremony held by McGill University in Shanghai. And the Graduation Ceremony of Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University will be held in Canada on June 1st this year. Ms. Marilene Gourdeau-Bussiere, the Vice Consul & Trade Commissioner of the Canada General Consulate in Shanghai, Prof. Philip Oxhorn, Association Provost (Intl.)of McGill University, Prof. Shanling Li, Co-director of GMSCM program of Desautels Faculty of Management, Ms. Katherine Knitel, Development Officer of Desautels Faculty of Management, Mr. Alvin Chung, Head of Alumni Relations and Advancement, McGill University Asia Office, Mr. MA Shuqun, the director of admission in the region of Greater China for McGill University under GMSCM program, Prof. WU Xiaobo, Dean of School of Management, Prof. SHOU Yongyi, the director of MBA Program and co-director of GMSCM program at Zhejiang University, and graduates and their relatives all were present at the graduation ceremony. In addition, students of 2015 and 2016 cohorts took part in this ceremony as well.

On behalf of Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University, Prof. Shanling Li expressed her congrats to 26 graduate students. She showed her appreciation for the support of students’ relatives and for the professors coming from the far away Canada to teach. Prof. Li hoped these students could come back to the School to share their success and failures and the School would always like to listen to their stories, and would be proud of the achievements made by the students.

Later, Prof. SHOU Yongyi, the director of MBA Program and co-director of GMSCM program at Zhejiang University, reviewed the efforts made by all related colleagues in the past four years and the difficulties overcome by them. He expressed his gratitude for the long-term support of the Canada General Consulate in Shanghai. He said that he was proud of the achievements made by every student. He said GMSCM program was like a big family and hoped that in the future the students can made their contributions to the society, and to Chinese and global economy development while they were striving for their own careers.

Ms. Marilene Gourdeau-Bussiere, the Vice Consul & Trade Commissioner of the Canada General Consulate in Shanghai, expressed her congrats to the graduate students. She said that Canada and China education had cooperated for a long time, and she was glad that Zhejiang University and McGill University could work together to solve the two countries’ management problem. Last year, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada and Keqiang Li, the Prime Minister of China, visited each other for many times and they signed the agreement to strengthen the China and Canada education cooperation. The successfully holding of this ceremony proves the great success of the China and Canada education cooperation. The graduate students would become the messenger of this education cooperation.  As the graduate students of McGill University, they have accepted the first class education and she hoped these students could get better career development in the future.

On behalf of McGill University, Prof. Philip Oxhorn expressed his affirmation to the students’ achievements, and his congratulations to all students. He said that McGill University was one of the most international universities of Canada, and it would always share education theory and experience with the whole world. He expressed his warm welcome to students to become McGill’s alumni.

Then, Prof. WU Xiaobo, Dean of School of Management, expressed his congratulations to 26 graduate students on behalf of the School of Management of Zhejiang University. He expressed his gratitude to all the Canada and Chinese professors who have always been devoted to the cultivation of these graduate students. Nowadays, the world had stepped into the globalization 3.0 age and in China, the manufacture industry was very important and it was in transition stage. He said we needed to cooperate with global partners to achieve the successful transition of the manufacture industry depending on these partners’ forces. All students and faculty members of the GMSCM program worked hard to achieve this aim. With the exchange visits of Chinese and Canadian premier in last September, the annual dialogue mechanism between Chinese and Canadian premiers officially started. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang proposes to create a new "golden ten years" for the Sino-Canadian relations, which gives a way with full expectation to the cooperation between the two countries. He said that for all the graduate students, today was a new start. He hoped that students could inherit the spirit of “seek truth and Innovation”, that these students could shoulder more social responsibility before the chances and that they could become the healthy power leading the future of China.

Mr. ZHOU Weiwei, the student representative of 2014 cohort, shared his study experience of the past 2 years and a half with the audiences and students’ relatives. He gave two conclusion words “hard” and “happy”. Most students needed to study while they still needed to work, and most students came here from other provinces to study. Therefore, it was hard for them to insist to study. He showed his gratitude for these professors who always needed to give lessons in spite of 12 hours time differences. However, he felt happy rather than bitter. He was happy because he could study together with other students and he was closer to his dream. He hoped that every graduate student would become more and more outstanding.

When all the speeches were ended, 26 graduate students came to the stage one by one. And Prof. Philip Oxhorn and Prof. Shanling Li from McGill University awarded the certificate representing the two-year hard working and the McGill Pins representing the honor of the Alma Mater to them.

At last, the graduate students and the alumni of McGill’s Shanghai Alumni Association listened to Prof. Shanling Li’s speech about how the manufacturers to handle with the strong suppliers and clients. The staff of the Shanghai Alumni Association expressed their congrats to the graduate students and said that they would provide the lifelong service to every student. They would help the alumni to strengthen their communication and would provide related supports.

Contributor:LIN Jingyan & ZHANG Zhifu (GMSCM 2014)