2016 GMSCM's Opening Ceremony Came to a Successful End

PublishDate:23 Sep 2016  Click:1141

September 23, 2016 Hangzhou - A warm and red-carpet GMSCM Program opening ceremony was held for 32 freshmen of 2016 cohort. GMSCM is a double-degree program offered jointly by School of Management at Zhejiang University in China and Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University in Canada. Freshmen in 2016 cohort are the fourth batch of students since the program is launched. On the day of the ceremony, Prof. SHOU Yongyi, Director of the MBA Program of Zhejiang University, Mr. MA Shuqun, Director of Admissions of McGill University of GMSCM, Ms. WANG Zhenzhen, class advisor of 2016 cohort, and students of GMSCM 2013 cohort attended the event. 

First of all, Prof. SHOU, on behalf of the School of Management of Zhejiang University, expressed heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome for all new students. New students from 2016 Cohort introduced themselves one by one. The average work experience of 2016 cohort is nearly nine years, generally with manufacturing, logistics and other related industry background. With the fame of GMSCM program increasing, it has attracted more and more outstanding students outside the province. For example, 1/3 of the students this year are from well-known manufacturing enterprises mainly including the Suzhou Industrial Park.

Mr. MA then shared with students the domestic furniture industry he had been studying recently, so that the students had a better understanding of how to analyze an industry in depth.

LI Bin and SHI Dan of GMSCM 2013 expressed a warm welcome for students of 2016, and shared their harvest and experience during the study of GMSCM program.

Finally, everyone took a group photo together, happily, wishing a rich and happy study of two years in Zhejiang University in the future.