GMSCM Students Visit Chilwee Group

PublishDate:16 Dec 2016  Click:3613

Dec. 16th, 2016 Changxing - in this sunny day, the students from GMSCM 2015 and 2016 attended the visit to Chilwee group. The activity is led by Mr. MA shuqun, who is the GMSCM program supervisor, and arranged by Ms. Tian jie, who is the student of GMSCM program (2015). Chilwee is the leader of reliable power solution provider in China. It created more than 70 billion RMB revenues in 2015 and takes more than 40% market share in China power solution segment.

Around 9:30 in the morning, the whole group arrived at Chilwee Langshan factory. And we paid a visit to their lead acid battery production line. The product line commentator explained the whole process of the assembly line, and students asked a few questions they were concerning. After this visit, students all had a brief understanding of the lead acid battery assembly process, and know how Chilwee conducts the environmental protection, in the situation that this product has big chance to make a manufacturer to be the pollution maker. It’s a well done job by Chilwee, integrated pollution protect machines are used for the whole manufacture system.

After the visit of Langshan factory, the team went to Chilwee’s headquarter to visit the Lithium battery production line. Compare to the previous line, this is a much modern line, the automation equipment is widely used in this line. An impress data to me is that the worker quantities were reduced from 46 to 6 in one of job stations with these advantaged machines. This is a good way to improve the product reliability and company’s competition. The inspections line in the same plant, the product tracking system and the incredible nice exhibition gallery also impressed students a lot.

Followed the visit of product lines, we paid a trip to Chilwee historical exhibition building, this is a wonderful journey, we learned the history of the Chilwee. It is really not an easy thing for a company growing from a “baby” to be the industry leader in the 18 years. A very interesting thing that Chilwee has a wall shows that they are popularizing the knowledges to the younger generations. It shows their ambitions to be the continuously leader of the industry and to spread their influence to the future.

Finished all the visits in the morning, we had a quick lunch with the CEO of Chilwee, Mr. Yang Xinxin. During the lunch, students had an active communication with Mr. Yang, and shared their feelings on the visits.

In the afternoon, we had a 3-hours seminar to discuss the 2 problems raised by Ms. Tian Jie (Finance director of Chilwee, our GMSCM 2015 classmate) and Mr. Chen Wei (Planning director of Chilwee). These 2 problems are the real problems that Chilwee is now facing. One is related to cost-quality balance point exploration solution; another is related to how to make the accurate forecast to lower the inventory pressure. Students had a few discussion and then presented their assumptions and the research orientations in the end of the seminar. As the thankful response to the great arrangement of the visit from Chilwee, students will provide a few research reports in the future few weeks to provide some ideas to Chilwee for improvement.

(GMSCM 2016 ZHU Zhicheng & 2015 TIAN Jie)